9 Best Mobile Games For Smartphones

The gaming industry has experienced an unprecedented growth ever since its inception. Thanks to the widespread popularity of smartphones and other mobile devices that have transformed gaming. Today, there are countless android and iOS games that allow users from all walks of life to indulge in recreational activities of their choice. No matter if you are interested in online casino games or looking for mobile games for your kid, you can easily choose from a wide range of mobile games. Though there are numerous activities and games, some are more popular than the others. Here are top 10 mobile games that have won the hearts of countless people across the planet and have become a permanent part of their smartphones.

  • Terra Battle.  Coming from the makers of Final Fantasy, you can be certain that Terra Battle is one of the mobile games that are worth exploring. This exciting card-based RPG game is filled with simple mechanics that are deeper than your imagination. Combining the best elements of Final Fantasy and the popular card battlers, you must not miss out of Terra Battle.
  • Surfy. An addictive addition to the mobile gaming industry, Surfy is an exciting and intriguing game that can be enjoyed by gamers of all ages. The surfing mechanics are fun, and pulling off a bunch of tricks while collecting coins is easy yet very enjoyable.
  • Walking Dead Season 2. If you love Walking Dead First Season, you will adore Season 2 as well. Clementine has been through hell and back. The 2nd Season of The Walking Dead allows you to have control over Clementine as you make tough choices and control the fate of all you come across on your quest.
  • Hearthstone. A game that has become a daily part of most gamers’ lives, Hearthstone is a digital collectible card-battler that will surely give you a great time.  Those of you who fancy card games must check this one out.
  • Trials Frontier. If you love racing, Trials Frontier can be the right option for you. The game offers scores of new inventive stages and environment exits for dirtbike enthusiasts. You can choose from a wide variety of new vehicles for upgrading and ride as well.
  • World of Warriors. For those who enjoy history, World of Warriors can be an ideal game. This strategic action is packed with Vikings, Knights and other traditional warrior types.
  • Vainglory. A Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game, Vainglory is a treat for gamers around the world.  Its streamlined touch controls, delightful designs of characters and stunning graphics all make it a worthy game for players.
  • Monument Valley. Those who have loved to play games such as Journey and other indie platformers, this can be just the perfect mode of entertainment. Its well-designed maps, striking visuals and optical illusion tricks sported in Monument Valley are adorable.
  • The Wolf Among Us. The Wolf Among Us renders a wonderful experience on mobile devices. It brings players into the dark and gritty world that is part of the Fables comic book series. The loads of choices you make and interesting characters you come across will keep your enchanted at all times.