5 Tips For Using Twitter for Business

Irrespective of the type of business, Twitter offers an astounding opportunity to promote your business before an enormous amount of audience, both global as well as local. Of late, Twitter has become even friendlier than before for business users with new tools and promotion programs. However, how to make the most from free and paid usage of Twitter ultimately depends upon you and hence it is in your best interest to understand the platform better. Here are some important tips on how to use Twitter for your business.

1. Gel your Twitter profile with your brand/business

Your Twitter profile is the first thing your potential followers will see. It will give them the first impression of your business based on which they will form an opinion. So, give your Twitter profile the identity of your business. Let every element of it, right from your profile pic to header image to bio description, reflect the identity of your business. Also consider pinning the tweet that is most important to your business.

2. Have a separate Twitter landing page

Your Twitter bio is limited to 160 characters. So, if you have more to say about your business, you can use a link in your bio to guide visitors to your blog or website, or even better, a specially designed landing page for Twitter users. It’s kind of a greeting page to help visitors from Twitter know more about your business and tell them how you use Twitter. However, try to keep it focused and to the point, else it may get boring and turn away your visitors. You can include details about your products, your business team, Twitter team, how people can use your products, etc.

3. Have a Twitter business strategy

Have a vision, build a content marketing strategy and plan out things accordingly. Maintaining a content calendar will help a lot in staying focused. Observe how your competitors are doing it and learn from what’s working or what’s not working for them. Similarly, you can also learn from your own content and finetune your strategy. Here’s more on how you should go about your Twitter business plan.

4. Grow your following and keep them engaged

The more followers you manage to get the better but always try to attract people that are interested in your field of business; having followers just for the sake of having it won’t fetch much results. Initially, you can also consider buying some followers but make sure you first go through customer reviews of buying Twitter followers. This will help you gain some momentum. Another important thing is to interact with your followers and keep them engaged. Retweet them, reply them, mention them, ask for advice/feedback, and so on. This will increase your chances of converting your followers into loyal customer and brand ambassadors.

5. Analyze your stats and promote

Twitter offers detailed analytics to show you how you are performing. Find out which of your tweets are doing better, who your top influencers are, what kind of audience constitute your followers, etc. This will help you understand your followers better and optimize your content for better results. You can promote your tweets with just a few clicks right from your analytics dashboard. So, create a campaign and monitor the results to see how much business sense your Twitter budget is actually making.

Remember, nothing is going to change overnight. But if you stay persistent and are ready to learn, Twitter can turn around your business in a big way.