5 Best Online Classroom Software Systems

5 Best Online Classroom Software Systems

The age of the online classroom is here, which is why getting the best online classroom software for teaching on the web is so important. With students around the world learning from some of the best online teaching platforms offered by higher institutions of learning, getting the right software system can make all the difference.

What follows are five of the best virtual classroom tools rated for their ease of use, multiple features, and durability in holding up over time.

ezTalks Meetings

Easily one of the best virtual classroom tools on the market today, ezTalks Meetings is one of the most popular virtual classroom solutions in use today. An instructor can teach live while providing for unrestricted live classes alongside lessons that are delivered over the web. What makes this system so popular is its ease of use which means little training is involved. Plus, up to 500 people can participate using this system.

Academy of Mine

This classrooms software system is unique because you can start your own online classroom wherever you need. The easy to use features include drag-and-drop templates, so you can customize your own system in a fraction of the time compared to many other software programs. It’s not very large, but for those who are starting out or who have relatively small class sizes, this is a good system to begin.

eTrainCenter Software

This system is used by different industries, including healthcare, hospitality, sales, and even distribution for good reasons. The system itself is fairly straightforward, offers support for instructors, and provides a means for administrators to assess the educators which provides for better overall teaching. You can customize the program to your needs and choose from the many features, so you can only use what applies to your industry.


This is one of the more interesting virtual classroom solutions for online teaching because it offers the ability to customize to the type of online classes that you run. You will need to consult with Skillshare’s representatives, but the system itself is quite malleable, so you can get what you need. Plus, you can create small video courses that your students can use at any time, which makes this one of the more versatile online classroom systems on the market.


Unlike many of the best virtual classroom tools, Udemy is free to use as there is no premium service. It’s quite popular thanks to the over 20,000 instructors who use the system. However, while free, you do have to share up to 50% of the revenue for each student that is part of the system. While some instructors may keep up to 97% of the net revenue, it may be too much for some types of instruction.

You really cannot go wrong with the best online teaching platforms as listed here, but if you had to choose the best, it would be ezTalks. Simple to use, up to 500 participants, and powerful features such as interactive whiteboard and screen sharing make this the best online classroom software you can find.