4 Common Mistakes While Designing Aircraft Modification Kit

The interconnect Wiring in the past 20 years has  assembled  a huge number of aircraft modification kits for many different Original Equipment Manufacturers. These kits have some repetitive problems from the time it is used for interconnect. At present there are no industry standards for Aircraft modification kits, since the standards vary from company to company. Till all the companies come to a conclusion and prefer single standard for designing the electrical kits ,Following are few mistakes repeated which must be avoided:

1. Listing Of Content Numbers Of Kit:

Over the past few years, Several military part numbers have been superseded by the new part numbers, which is also true in the case of non-standard parts and commercial aerospace parts.  Since aircraft mods are typically made on older aircraft, most of the part numbers listed in the technology manuals are the older superseded part numbers. Because of these older manuals, it is highly important that the aerospace engineers list the superseded part number along with new part number in the kit contents list. This will also help the technicians who install the kits in case the technician needs to order more spare parts with the listed numbers.

2. Wire Length:

The length of the wires is an essential part when designing any standard electrical aircraft modification kit. The older versions of the kit do not have any CAD or 3D software to predict the exact size of the wire required and had faced many issues then. But adding extra wire is a preferable method because wire cost is less and if its extra then its no harm to the kit. For example , if the wire length requirement is from 10-15feet then add extra wire of 5 feet and list in the technical document as 3- 7 feet wire is required. To select an appropriate wire for the kits you have to take an expert electrician’s advice.

3. Tools Required:

A very simple and solvable mistake done by engineers is that they do not list the small disposable tools needed for Aircrafts mods. Tools like contact insertion and extraction tools are made of plastic and can be damaged easily. Many  extra extraction tools and plastic insertions should be mentioned in the contents of the kit’s manual depending on the size and the number of contacts the aircraft mods require.

4. Safety Measures:

Many kits miss the very important aspect of security and precautions to mention on the very first page of the manual. Since the kit is made of electrical wires , the risk of short circuit is always present.  There must be a separate section to explain the proper maintenance of the tools in the kit. The Emergency Electrician Sydney 24/7 is the crew of emergency electricians at the aircraft station is always ready to help if there is any type of emergency emerged while operating with the tools.

Though these mistakes are utmost common but the engineers have to be very careful on these.