3 Ways Responsive Web Design Improves Your SEO

3 Ways Responsive Web Design Improves Your SEO

If you have a business, you likely have a website that you want to draw attention to in order to improve your business. Whether you are a business that is e-commerce in nature or a service business, you need to get your website at the top of the search engine results to be noticed. A surge in the development of different communication devices has made it important that you have a responsive website. There are three excellent ways that responsive web design improves your SEO.

Bounce Rate Increase

One way that responsive web design improves your SEO is in the way that it allows the reader to more easily use the website, regardless of the device. This means that a user is going to spend more time roaming about on the website, regardless of the device. This will make an improvement in your bounce rate and is a positive result for your website’s SEO. An exceptionally engineered website will provide your viewers with a place that they want to spend time. This is going to give you tremendous results in the long run.

Update Simplification

When you have a responsive web design you will be able to more easily implement any kind of web updates. Since you won’t have a need for two separate site URLs for different devices, you will be able to make one update that will be applied and used on any device. This means you will spend less time trying to fix SEO that you may have destroyed with updates and more time adding fresh information that can bring your website to the top page of search engine results.

Improving Page Ranking

In order to get first crack at new customers, your website will need to rank high enough in a search engine result to make the first page. Most people will not go past the first page when they are looking for something online. This is especially important to keep in mind when working with multiple devices. With nearly 18% of the internet traffic coming from mobile devices in 2013, it is important to recognize that you have to keep those rankings for search engines, even on mobile devices. This is going to require that you use a responsive web design to get these results on all devices. You need your website to show up and be easy to open, for any device your customers might be using. If they can’t open it right away, they will simply move onto the next site on the list. Responsive web design will mean that your potential customer can open your website and move around in it easily.

Using a responsive web design for your business is something that will save you money and improve your website SEO. It means using only one website, instead of one for each device type. It also means that you will be put at the top of the list because you offer an easy to access website for all device users. Ignoring the fast changing world of communication devices, as it relates to your website would be a mistake. The internet users of today expect to be able to find, access, and utilize your website, regardless of the type of device they are using for the job.

Alex Gutierrez is founder of POP Creative Group, a web design and digital marketing agency based in Miami, FL.